Hologram Foil Eye Mask
Hologram Foil Eye Mask
Hologram Foil Eye Mask

Hologram Foil Eye Mask

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fun holographic foil under eye mask to soothe, hydrate, and rejuvenate your skin. This duo layered eye mask has foil on one side to help keep moisture from evaporating and cotton backing on the other side. Reduce the appearance of bags under your eyes and feel instant relief! 


  • Duo-layered masks
  • Activated charcoal backing: Brings out impurities from your skin
  • Foil front: Works as insulation to allow for the serum to penetrate deeper
  • Mineral water - flushes out contaminants of the skin; helps replenish the skin of electrolytes to promote future dehydration of the skin
  • Two pieces: For a more comfortable application that better fits your face
  • Plasma Technology: Blasted real silver on the mask to bring you unique healing properties.
  • Botanicals: Pure ingredients to bring you a real solution to your skincare needs
  • Hologram look - the glam factor we need to achieve the maximum level of extra-ness.